Vision & strategy

Customer Relationship Management

The core of Customer Friendship management (CRM) is that the effectiveness of the sales - and marketing process is considerably improved, if all employees concerned have the same and complete information. A central database makes a more intensive cooperation between the employees on several departments possible. As a result customers are treated the way they want and become friends soon. Their needs, wants and demands become visible in a few moments.

Good customers are preserved and potential customers are easily qualified so that they can be approached more targeted. Market getting comes in sight.

Company-, contact and/or projectdata need be introduced only one time. Connections to other disciplines are easy to set up.

Marketing is directly carrying out activities more easily by specific analyses and selections. Sales employees work more structured while they classify companies and contacts in categories. Because of this they become effective and efficient.

A complete profile of a relation gives you the opportunity to weigh the output of your efforts.

It's the way you think

The setting-up of CRM changes your way of working. For this reason it is judicious to have a good preparation.

Profit or non-profit. We all need up-to-date and correct information in the most appropriate way available. Archie is the right tool to support you in this.

Put the Archie  on your face too! You will be surprised by the excellent quality and huge amount of time and money you will save!


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